We still don’t know for sure where we are going.

We submitted our papers on December 9, requesting we go to Italy. The papers went through a review process, and then went to the Missionary Committee on December 18. From there they were forwarded to the desk of one of the Apostles. As our luck would have it, the Apostle has not made a decision about where to send us.

We know this because the Italy Milan mission president has been calling the Missionary Committee every few days to track the progress of our papers. He has not been told which Apostle has the papers, but has been told that the General Authority in question has been out of the office and will probably not return until next week. So, we likely won’t know our fate until the week of January 5.

Of course, we are in turmoil. We have sold two cars, spent hours learning Italian, settled finances, purchased large luggage, taken family pictures, and have moved forward at an unhesitating pace. Marieta was even released from her ward callings. We are truly hurrying up and waiting at the same time. Could we end up in Africa?

More unsettled is our upcoming trip. We have been planning to fly to Italy on January 2 for a week of training before the current office couple comes home. They leave on January 16, but they won’t have much time in their last week to teach us very much. So, if we want their help, we have to go right away.

We can’t even call this a leap of faith. We have faith the Lord will send us where He wants us to go, but we have no idea what He might be thinking. We talked with the mission president this morning, who talked with the Missionary Committee this morning, and everything points towards us going to Milan. Our probability of going is likely to be greater than 90%.

What do you think? Remember that Milan is cold, foggy, and rainy this time of year. Keep in mind that we can take a lot more stuff if we make two trips. Remember that much of the work we will do is very specific to Italy–helping missionaries with visa issues, paying bills, and handling leases. We also would be able to see our apartment, so we would have an idea where we can put Marieta’s sewing machine. On the other hand, if we stayed home, we could save more than enough to money to ship anything we needed FedEx.

Should we go? Let us know what you are think we should do.

Love, Pete and Marieta